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Aerodynamics and Heat Transfer Research

The Gas Turbine Laboratory has active research programs investigating the aerodynamics and heat transfer of a variety of different situations:

  • Full-stage Turbine. These experiments utilize actual engine hardware to investigate the flow physics for a turbine operating at conditions that match key non-dimensional parameters.  Improvements in film-cooling coverage and disk cavity cooling can enable higher turbine inlet temperatures and correspondingly higher efficiencies.
  • Internal Cooling Passages. A significant fraction of the heat removed from a high-pressure turbine blade is extracted through the coolant channels inside the blade.  These programs work to better understand the flow inside these channels for a rotating blade.
  • Flat Plate.  Transient flat plate experiments provide a simple case for computational comparison and for developing new experimental techniques that can be used in the other facilities.

Every research program performed at the Gas Turbine Laboratory also has a computational component to guide experimental design, aid in data interpretation, and examine new computational techniques.